As a subsidiary of China Resources Microelectronics Limited company, China Resources Semicon Microelectronics (Shenzhen) Co Ltd. (“CRSMC”) is specialized in wafer testing covering discrete device , analog IC ,digital IC, , Mixed IC and etc., final testing and other subsequent service including wafer grinding, cutting, sorting .CRSMC is an IC manufacturer accredited by CSIA.

Vision: Become the preferred partner of first-class design companies in China with supply of cost-effective semiconductor test service

◆Current application of important IC product testing technology

50MHZ Digital testing technology, High-precision analog testing technology and Laser trimming technology.

◆Application of IC product testing technology being developed:

100MHZ digital testing technology, 50MHZ digital testing technology, laser trimming technology and RF product testing technology.

 CRSMC Testing Platform

100MHZ testing platform Including Chroma 3380P、Teradyne J750

50MHZ digital platform Including Verigy-V50,Chroma 3360

Analog Testing Platform Including High-precision analog testing technology ESI-9350

High-voltage large-current platform for discrete device Including JUNO DTS-1000/2000